OMni Ingredients

OMni balms are 100% natural, and are free from synthetic ingredients including parabens, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances and colours.

Being natural means there can be sometimes be a variation in colour from one batch to another, and in some cases there may even be a two tone effect e.g. Radiant Zinc Rose Petal. 

The natural colouring agents don't stain and they absorb into your skin over time leaving behind a natural glow. On the very rare occasion a small granule from the natural colour that hasn’t broken down in the mixing process can be found in a pot.

OMni ingredients are sourced from New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, Thailand, China, the USA and France, since its not possible to source all the ingredients from within NZ. Hopefully this will change in the future! However the fabulous formulas and the manufacture of the final delicious products is all done right here in Auckland.

All OMni balms have a shelf life of 3 years, and once opened are good to go for 12 months. But I’m sure you’ll love them so much they won’t be last that long! Please store your OMni balms at 25 degrees Celsius or less to maintain their integrity.

When I was developing the OMni range, the nourishing and healing capabilities of the ingredients were critical to the performance of the products.

The smell, texture and taste were all equally important to ensure the experience would be enjoyed by everyone who used them.

Here’s a little about why I featured these key ingredients in the OMni range.

Ylang Ylang essential oil 
Ylang ylang is a beautifully scented essential oil with a delicate floral fragrance. Distilled from the ylang ylang tree, it is well known for its healing qualities.

It soothes inflammation and irritation on the skin, enhances circulation, encourages new growth of skin, contributes to and maintains hydration and condition, and prevents infections with its anti-microbial properties.

Ylang ylang essential oil has an uplifting effect on moods, calming the mind and body and promoting feelings of cheerfulness and optimism. In fact, ylang ylang oil is one of the key ingredients used in the legendary perfume Chanel No.5 !


Peppermint essential oil 
Peppermint essential oil has the reputation of being one of the most versatile oils in the world alongside Lavender.

It is used cosmetically primarily for its anti-microbial properties, and its ability to soothe inflamed skin including cooling relief for sore chapped lips. It has also been clinically proven to be excellent for use against cold sores and even acne.

Peppermint essential oils fresh sharp scent is said to calm the mind, reduce feelings of nervous tension, boost energy, and enhance mental focus.


Sweet Orange essential oil 
Sweet orange oil, like other citrus oils, comes from the peel of the fruit. Whilst we are all familiar with oranges as a source of vitamin C, research shows that orange peel contains even higher levels of vitamin C than the fruit itself.

Research also shows that as a result of these levels, sweet orange essential oil is very beneficial for protecting and healing the skin including cracks and sores on the lips, promoting the production of collagen, and fighting the signs of aging. 

The bright scent of sweet orange oil takes you straight to summer with its warming, joyful qualities.


Coconut sugar 
Regarded as a better alternative to refined sugar, coconut sugar is the dehydrated and boiled sap of the coconut palm.

Coconut sugar has caught the attention of many of those who are health conscious, in particular because of its slightly lower fructose content and greater traces of some minerals and antioxidants as compared to regular white sugar.

Another factor that gives coconut sugar an edge over the other sweeteners is that it is not refined or chemically altered and contains no artificial ingredients or synthetic substances.

In the case of OMni polish, the consumption of it as a sugar is relatively low, so the inclusion is more about its fine granulated form, caramel-like flavour and a touch of sweetness. And of course because it’s a natural exfoliant.


Zinc Oxide
Zinc Oxide is formed when oxygen and zinc are combined and heated to form a fine white powder that sits on top of the skin providing a protective layer.

Whilst it’s commonly known for its UV protection in sunscreens, it is being used more and more frequently in cosmetic applications because of its benefits for your skin.

These include balancing skin tone, reducing enlarged pores, reducing inflammation, its antibacterial properties, use for wounds and burns including diaper rash, improving the synthesis of collagen and forming new connective tissue … even helping with acne, rosacea and warts.

Note: OMni’s Radiant Zinc balm rating is SPF2, and is not recommended as a sunscreen.



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